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Team Blasphemy recently became the second raid on the server to down Heroic Garrosh. Huge congrats! Awesome job sticking with it despite the adversities this tier!

Get some much deserved rest before Warlords. :)

Gamex grats dudes
Anoushka o Hurray! It was Natural's feral dps that made it all possible!
Telaní In the words of Buffey..." Hurrrraaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy"
Heroic Garrosh went down earlier this week and netted NCP another server 1st (US #24). Grats guys! Great job sticking with it despite the holiday interruptions.

Things will likely get shaken up quite a bit for WoD; no matter what happens or where you end up, best of luck with everything. And Happy New Year, everyone!

hoyochan +2 vote for orange to come back!
Gamex btw team unaware didn't get realm first slease and natural had other plans that night... ...
Orangemoon a No thanks. You all got this! ...

Paragons Down - 13/14HM

Orangemoon a posted Nov 17, 13
Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi killed on Nov 14th. Big congrats. One more to go before the tier is done! 

Breaktheice Grats =) You all seem to lose more clothing as you down more bosses o.o"
Soliton grats!!


Orangemoon a posted Nov 6, 13
A belated update but Heroic Seigecrafter went down on Sunday. Grats guys! Two more to go!

Ricket Video: ...
Soliton yaaaaaaay grats!
Farnzworth gratz guys!

Heroic Thok Dead

Orangemoon a posted Oct 15, 13

The melee munching dino died last night. Grats on 11/14HM!

Ricket Video: ...
Zepheius Good job everyone!
Dos Woop Woop!
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Thanks guys! :)
Gratz guys on Garrosh Team Blasphemy
Grats to Blasphemy on Tier completion!
Grats Team Blasphemy :)
Thanks for making my time in NCP a blast, y'all. Soliton, OUT!
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