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Mythic Imperator Mar'gok down (US #43). Blackrock Foundry awaits!

Dugragha Good work team
Verand notice me senpai
Rxmist Rip Moderate

6/7 Mythic - Cy@ Ko'ragh

Ease posted Jan 7, 15
6/7 Mythic

Verand rep0rted. grats to all, next stop planetary re-origination
Zanerade pls stop spamming the guild home page
The long awaited front page update! Kill shots in order as follows:

Kargath Bladefist:

Twin Ogron:



The Butcher:

I want to apologize to Team Endeavor for the extremely late update (I was out of town). But huge CONGRATS on killing Heroic Garrosh on Oct 3rd! \o/

If anyone has a kill shot, send me the link and I'll add it in.

Hope everyone's psyched up for WoD! See you all when the xpac hits. :)

Barnacles Hey! Congratulations!
Apollo So awesome
Natural Congratulations guys!

Congrats Dropbears!

Orangemoon a posted Jul 21, 14
Our aussie raid has downed Heroic Garrosh! Big congrats!!

Cavendar Huge gratz guys! Knew it wouldn't take you long.
Anoushka Gratsssssssssssss!
Jas Grats ;)
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